Welcome to Climate Pros Recycles

Welcome to Climate Pros Recycles

Welcome to Climate Pros RecyclesWelcome to Climate Pros RecyclesWelcome to Climate Pros Recycles


 In addition to our dedication in the Refrigeration and HVAC industry, we strive to be the best at everything, which is why we got into the recycling side of it  as well. Last year we kept over  2 MILLION LBS  of scrap metal out of the landfill, and were on track to pass that mark by a long shot this year. Please Help us make the world a better place by recycling your old equipment. We are standing by! 

Our Core Values



 To bleed blue is to have company pride. Blue is the company color of Climate Pros, so to bleed blue means to exhibit a genuine passion about the company. 



 You'll often see and hear this motto around Climate Pros. It is an obvious core value of the employees of this company. We do whatever it takes to get it done. We pride ourselves on coming up with unique solutions to difficult situations and always finding our way through no matter what.



Relationships are the core of our business. They start with each other within the organization with the family members that work together, down to the lifelong friendships that are created here at Climate Pros. We also build those same kind of long lasting business relationships with our vendor partners, and customers alike. We find that with mutually beneficial goals, both sides of the relationship can flourish and succeed! 



Honesty and Integrity are enforced in the culture at Climate Pros. We strive to have these in everything we do from engaging and servicing our customers and vendors, and especially working with each other. We want to make sure that an employee of Climate Pros always represents themselves and the company with the highest sense of honesty and integrity.



We love go getters. We want our employees to always want something better for the company. We want to be the best out there with the best people. An internal drive to exceed the minimum and excel ourselves beyond is absolutely key.

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